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Wine Tasting Flight Mat - Host your own Wine Tasting!

Wine Tasting Flight Mat - Host your own Wine Tasting!

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There are few things more fun than hosting a wine tasting, and with all the ways to stay connected, you can even easily host them online!

With our super easy-to-use Wine Tasting Flight Mat, you can host your own wine tasting party wherever you are, or use it for yourself as a handy tasting reference. (You could also use it with our Wine Tasting Doodle Book - also available in our store, although you don't need the book to use the sheet.)

First, find some friends to wine-taste with (or wine-taste solo, that works too) then print out one sheet per person.

Then pour some wine into four wine glasses (we always recommend stemmed tulip wine glasses, but you can use whatever glasses you have). You can do this however you want - either pick four of the same style (such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Grigiot, Malbec, Rioja, Chianti etc) and compare the different wineries, or even try four completely different types to expand your palette! The choice is up to you.

Use the score card on the sheet to take down your ratings for each of the different wines. Evaluate the appearance, aroma, flavor and mouthfeel, giving each a rating of 1-5. Once you're done, tally up your score.

Each numbered spot is to place one wine tasting glass. Start the tasting with number 1 and work your way through to number four, that way you won't be reaching over your full whiskey glass to get to the ones at the back.


When printing - make sure to hit 'actual size'. The sheets are set to print perfectly at US letter. We recommend printing using thicker paper or card stock, but normal printer paper will also work just as well.

*Wine glasses and wine in promo photo not provided in purchase, unfortunately!

Always remember to support your local wineries!

Cheers and Happy Drinking!

What's in the book?

Professional, but fun to use - This book is the culmination of over 10 years of hosting tastings and drawing doodles, research, and lots of practice - all brought together in this tasting journal to make note taking fun and effective.

A unique note taking experience - Most of the note taking in this book is either drawn, scribbled or colored in! Tastings have never been this easy - or this fun!

Compact - Slips easily into a pocket. so you can take your Tasting notes on the go. Enough space to detail 50+ tastings!

Easy to use - Scribble, doodle or draw your notes! Handy guides and descriptions help you make the most out of your note-taking.

A handy reference guide
- Complete with a glossary and logbook to keep track of all your favorite tastings. Never lose track and evaluate past tastings with a quick glance.

Glass/label anatomy - Full of tasting and drinking information! Learn how to properly understand your tipple and how to properly describe your drink like pro, among other awesome tips and tricks.

Doodle pages - Fancy doodling something? The back of the book contains several doodle pages and fun drawing prompts for when you're feeling creative.

A tool for learning - From aroma charts to mouthfeel, characteristics to correct glassware - this Doodle Book has everything you need to improve your tasting knowledge and vocabulary.

Designed by a passionate Brewer, Distiller and Maker distiller for artisinl food and drink lovers everywhere - Joshua James is a passionate distiller, brewer and maker with over 10 years' experience brewing and teaching. This book is a collection of his greatest tasting techniques and tips. Made with a passion for all things food and drink to help you grow as a brilliant taster.

Technical bits

Binding - Perfect-bound Paperback
Interior - Ink - Black & white printed on white 60gsm coated paper (perfect for doodling!)
Dimensions (inches) - 4.25 wide x 6.88 tall (Compact pocketbook sized!)


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Note-taking just got fun!

Created from years of beer doodles, scribbles, notes, beer research, home brews, and countless tastings - this doodle book makes beer note-taking quick, fun, interesting and simple to recap with just a quick glance.