Tasting Journals. Only way better.(and definitely way more fun!)

Created from years of doodles, scribbles, notes, research, home brews, and countless tastings - our doodle books make note-taking quick, fun, and simple to recap with just a quick glance!

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Spotlight: The Beer Tasting Doodle Book

The original doodle book! Designed by a professional brewer for anyone with an interest in craft beer. Doodle your notes and color

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Spotlight: The Beer Color Print

This incredible print shows the full standard reference method (SRM) for judging beer color - designed and formatted into this incredible work of art. This is one of our favorites, for sure.

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  • Super easy to use!

    Scribble, doodle or draw your notes! Handy guides and descriptions help you make the most out of your beer note-taking.

  • A unique note-taking experience

    Most of the note-taking in our doodle books are either drawn, scribbled or colored in! Tasting notes have never been this easy - or this fun!

  • Professional, but fun!

    Our doodle books are the culmination of over 12 years of research, tastings, research and practice. And of course, lots of scribbles and doodles!

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